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About Me.

Hi! I'm Adam, a wedding photographer based in North Carolina documenting love artistically and celebrating it emphatically.

More than anything I am overjoyed to see love stories happen right in front of me because I'm an emotional romantic that also loves dance parties. So weddings are pretty rad I guess :)


(If you want a boring wedding photographer that doesn't dance or have fun please don't inquire, that is not me and I will not have a good time if there is not dancing at your wedding... I'm only sort of joking... sorry).

My goal is to lovingly point others to my creator through my work - whether that's through my joy, services, or conversation - I want everything about me to point to God and His love. Ask me about my faith!​

The images I create mean so much to me because I love capturing them as they happen but also because of the great care I take into every moment of the process, striving to honestly represent the emotions and stories I get to be a part of preserving. 


I've been a North Carolina wedding photographer for 3 years now & although I'm from Chicago, The Carolinas have become home to me. I'm so grateful to be able to pursue this dream as a career and document love stories all over the country. My passion for the art of photography has taken me coast to coast & I plan to continue sharing this love of mine with others.



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