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I'm Adam & I'm so glad you're here.

I've been documenting my life and travels through photography for several years but I just recently discovered the joy of serving others through my photography. More than anything I am overjoyed to see love stories happen right in front of me because I'm an emotional romantic that also loves dance parties. So weddings are pretty rad I guess :)


(If you want a boring wedding photographer that doesn't dance or have fun please don't inquire, that is not me and I will not have a good time if there is not dancing at your wedding... I'm only sort of joking... sorry)

My goal is to lovingly point others to the lover of my soul, Jesus Christ, through my work - whether that's through my joy, services, or conversation - I want everything about me to point to his love. Ask me about my faith!

The images I create mean so much to me because I love capturing them as they happen but also because of the great care I take into every moment of the process, striving to honestly represent the emotions and stories of all my clients. 


I'm currently based in Boone, NC and I'm SO stoked to be in the blue ridge mountains. I am a North Carolina Wedding photographer but I love to travel allll over the place for a good time. :))

I'm currently booking work for 2024 and 2025.

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